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Secretarial Studies - Medical (AVS)


  • Medical and/or dental clinic
  • Optometrist office
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Hospital
  • Public office

Program Objectives

To develop in the students the competencies required to integrate harmonioulsy into the school and work environments, to transcribe and produce medical documents, to communicate in the workplace, to greet clients and to prepare and update their files and to carry out administrative tasks specific to a medical environment.

Skills to be acquired

  • Transcribe medical reports containing general medical terminology
  • Carry out secretarial tasks
  • Apply proper techniques for greeting patients (requests for admission, medical reports, etc.)

Admission requirements

Persons who hold a DVS:
5212 Secrétariat
OR 5177 Secrétariat (Inuktitut)
OR 5137 Secrétariat
OR 5078 Secrétariat (Kativik)
OR 1413 Secrétariat
OR 1335 Travail de bureau (agent, agente de bureau)
OR 5712 Secretarial Studies
OR 5677 Secretarial Studies
OR 5637 Secretarial Studies
OR 5578 Secretarial Studies
OR 1913 Secretarial Studies
OR 1835 Office Specialist
Have been granted recognition of equivalent learning.
Persons practising an occupation related to the program of study.

Program Content

Code Statement of the Competency Hours Credits
949-211 Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process 15 1
949-222 Transcribe texts containing general human biology terms 30 2
949-233 Transcribe texts containing general medical terminology and the terminology of cellular activity 45 3
949-242 Interact in the workplace 30 2
949-252 Perform tasks related to patient visits 30 2
949-265 Transcribe texts containing terminology related to the functions of the human body 75 5
949-272 Transcribe texts containing terminology related to movement and the nervous system 30 2
949-285 Produce documents of a medical nature 75 5
949-291 Carry out activities related to the management of medical supplies 15 1
949-302 Carry out accounting tasks related to medical services 30 2
949-315 Enter the work force 75 5

Total: 450 hours

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