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Computing Support (DVS)


Did you know that computers are the most dependable tools used in almost all aspects of our daily lives?

Did you also know that all telecommunications, ntertainments, businesses, industries as well as governments depend on computers?

In addition, do you believe that in our today’s electronically based world a career in Computing Support could be in great demand and profitable as well?

Our Computing Support program offers you the opportunity to learn more about the many aspects of computers: hardware, operating systems, software, programming, internet, networking and much more.

You hope you will be part of our next programs.

Job opportunities

As a user support supervisor, computer technician and customer service representative: Technical work with relatively regular work schedules (may require being available for emergencies).
  • Diverse work environments
  • Companies producing and selling computer products
  • Companies or organizations relying on computer technology
  • From small businesses to large corporations

Possible specialization

  • Most information technology sectors: analyst, programmer, network manager, computer department supervisor
  • Self-employed

Objectives of the program

  • Development of the skills required to work on a stand-alone computer station or a network by searching and implementing solutions
  • Acquisition of communication skills in the work place
  • Knowledge of computer products and their characteristics

Skills to be acquired

  • Ability to analyze and produce documents
  • Communication and interaction in English and French
  • Good work habits

Admission Requirements

  • Hold a Secondary School diploma or have been granted recognition of equivalent learning;
  • To be 16 years of age on September 30 of the current school year and have earned the Secondary IV credits in the language of instruction, second language and mathematics (Math 416);
  • Have earned those same credits at Secondary III level and obtain the Secondary IV credits while pursuing vocational training courses;
  • Be at least 18 years of age and have the functional prerequisites.

Program Content

Code Statement of the Competency Hours Credits
962-012 Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process 30 2
962-025 Analyze the architecture and operation of computer systems 75 5
962-038 Exploit the possibilities of operating systems using older technology 120 8
962-043 Apply a problem-solving method 45 3
962-052 Research information 30 2
962-068 Develop a utility program 120 8
962-074 Interact in various work situations 60 4
962-088 Exploit the possibilities of application software 120 8
962-096 Exploit the possibilities of operating systems using recent technology 90 6
962-106 Create and use a database 90 6
962-116 Install the hardware and software of a computer 90 6
962-122 Manage their time 30 2
962-135 Communicate in French 75 5
962-148 Manage access to the resources of a network 120 8
962-157 Install the shareable resources of a network 105 7
962-166 Exploit the possibilities of telecommunications facilities 90 6
962-173 Manage their careers 45 3
962-186 Troubleshoot a computer problem 90 6
962-194 Optimize the performance of a computer 60 4
962-205 Provide technical support at a telephone help desk 75 5
962-218 Ensure the proper operation of computers in the workplace 120 8
962-228 Provide service to clients in the workplace 120 8

Total of 1800 hours.

Loans and bursaries are available from the MELS.

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