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We believe that educational institutions should focus on developing and strengthening their core competencies related to quality of education, and outsource their activities related to student recruitment, advertising, promotions, channel management and marketing to experts like us.

Wherein we act as an extended arm to deliver services and solutions that help educational institutions to achieve outcomes they are seeking including increased student enrollments, global footprint, improved brand visibility and competitive advantage.

To enable educational institutions achieve these objectives, we have made significant investments in building channels, and marketing teams.

The key reasons for partnering with Edu Edge are:
  • It is a Canadian company having a global footprint of partners, colleges, universities and education consultants across South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and North Africa.
  • It has a track record of recruiting students.
  • It has expertise in education management, student recruiting, and marketing.
  • It has knowledge of the Canadian education system and practices.

Value proposition for Educational Institutions
  • Increase your business revenues and profitability.
  • Experience savings and cost advantages.
  • Get access to specialized and skilled services.
  • Concentrate on your core business.
  • Enhance student satisfaction.
  • Increase your efficiency.

Your Need Our Service / Solution Your Benefit
My program capacity is underutilized.

I need to meet Full Load Equivalent (FLE) count.

I need to increase revenues from student enrollments.

I do not have enough international students.


I want to build a more cross cultural student population.
Leverage our marketing services to recruit students or student groups. No upfront investments. Immediate boot strap.
My institution is in the process of implementing an internationaliza-tion plan to reach out to Indian market.

I need to expand market and penetrate new territory.

I need to hire a partner manager and establish a marketing team.

I need to organize road shows, participate in events and arrange for publicity.
Leverage our marketing services to recruit students or student groups.


Leverage our outsourcing services to hire qualified partner managers or outsource your marketing plan and activities.

Leverage our outsourcing services and outsource establishing of agent network.

Define your marketing budget and leverage our marketing services to organize promotional activities.
No upfront investments Immediate boot strap.

Focus on your core competence i.e. education – leave the marketing to experts.

Do it right the first time – save on the learning curve.

More bang for money – optimize your marketing budgets.
My institution would like to have a global presence.

I need to establish formal links with overseas institutions.

I need to setup an abroad campus.
Leverage our connect services to establish effective tie-ups, credit transfers, articulations.

Leverage our consulting services to
setup abroad campus.
Provide endless study opportunities.

Gain from our local market
knowledge and insights to fast track
statutory approvals.
My institution is unable to engage effectively with our corporate customers as we do not have in-house capability to execute project.

I need qualified resources to execute the IT projects but I find it difficult to hire resources only to execute a short term training assignment on a need basis.
Leverage our outsourcing services to outsource your training project execution or hire a contract resource for executing a short term assignment. Do not miss out on opportunity to engage with your customer and earn additional dollar.
My institution's IT project maintenance costs are spiraling and I am finding it difficult to retain IT resources as they find better opportunities in the industry. Leverage our outsourcing service to outsource your IT maintenance projects or hire a qualified resource. Replace expensive resource and save on resource costs.

Eliminate service interruption or
downtime due to resource leaving the project.
My institution's online presence has been ineffective and the cost of maintaining the website have been spiraling. Leverage our outsourcing services to outsource website development, maintenance, SEO optimization, advertisement design. Save on costs.
My institution designs new marketing collaterals frequently and prints in big volume. Leverage our outsourcing services to outsource your printing requirements. Save on costs.
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