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Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management - Paid work internship program

Admission Requirements

Required: Five Grade 12 advanced or academic courses including English and Mathematics with a minimum average requirement of 65%.

Students may substitute one open course for one advanced or academic course, except where a particular course is specified. The Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management program is a three-year general degree offered through the Shannon School of Business that encompasses courses spread over the Hospitality, Tourism, Business/Management, Humanities, Social Science and English academic disciplines.

The program includes two compulsory, six-month paid industry internships, which occur between May and October in the first and second years of study. Internships must meet suitable industry internship criteria. An internship coordinator (faculty member) will arrange recruitment presentations and provide students with the opportunity to be interviewed on campus by national, provincial and regional establishments for internship placement. Students are also encouraged to seek internship opportunities on their own. All internship placements are subject to approval by the internship coordinator.

Bachelor Of Hospitality And Tourism Management (Bhtm) - Program Revised November 2010

1st Year - Fall Term (September- December)

  • HATM1501 Introduction to Food Theory and Nutrition
  • HATM1504 Tourism in Canada
  • ACCT1203 Intro to Accounting I
  • Non-Discipline Elective (3 credits)
  • English (3 credits)

Winter Term (January-April)

  • HATM1503 Restaurant Operation and Service
  • HATM1506 Intro to Tourism Marketing
  • ACCT1204 Intro to Accounting II
  • Communication (3 credits)
  • Non-Discipline Elective (3 credits)

Spring / Summer

  • Hospitality and Tourism Internship I

2nd Year - Fall Term (September- December)

  • HATM3505 Tourism Law
  • HATM3504 Resort/Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • MGMT2604 Intro to Organizational Behaviour
  • MATH1215 Descriptive and Basic Inferential Statistics
  • Non-Discipline Elective (3 credits)
  • HATM2999 Industry Internship I (Completed in spring/summer)

Winter Term (January-April)

  • HATM3503 Meetings and Convention Management
  • MGMT2605 Human Resource Management
  • MGMT3607 International Business SHANNON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
  • Cape Breton University Academic Calendar 83
  • ECON1101 Principles of Microeconomics
  • Non-Discipline Elective (3 credits)

Spring / Summer

  • Hospitality and Tourism Internship Il

3rd Year - Fall Term (September- December)

  • HATM3125 Tourism Operations Planning
  • HATM3509 International Tourism Management
  • MGMT4606 Tourism Management I
  • Open Elective (3 credits)
  • Non-Discipline Elective (3 credits)
  • HATM3999 Advanced Industry Internship II (completed in spring/summer)

Winter Term (January-April)

  • MGMT4607 Tourism Strategy
  • HATM3508 Destination Management and Marketing
  • Open Elective (3 credits)
  • Open Elective (3 credits)
  • Non-Discipline Elective (3 credits)

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