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Computing Support
Program duration Number of semesters Tuition Fee
2 year 4 23,563.00

Program Strength
These programs are a part of Quebec’s preferred list. Preferred list is derived based on labor shortages in a particular field. This implies that the students studying this program may have a better chance of integrating into the Canadian workforce. It also means that students upon successful completion of the program are entitled for valuable immigration points, if they intend to apply for Canadian Residency.

Plus the program schedules have been structured to accommodate student’s personal lifestyle needs.

Note: For eligibility criteria with respect to immigration related matters students are advised refer CIC’s website or contact authorized personnel.

Career Choices
  • User Support Technician
  • Computer Operator
  • Technical Sales Specialist, Wholesale
  • To install the hardware and software of a workstation
  • To manage the network access v To install shared resources
  • To restore the operation of a workstation
  • To enhance the performance of a workstation
  • To help customers from a call centre
  • To maintain the operation of a workstation
  • To support customers in a work environment
  • Higher Secondary, Diploma or/and Bachelors or recognized equivalent
  • Modest English Language Ability-IELTS
  • Modest High School Mathematics
Program Modules
Modules Hours
The Occupation and the Training Process 30
Systems Analysis 75
Older Operating Systems 120
Problem Solving 45
Researching Information 30
Programming Utility Software 120
Working Relationships 60
Application Software 120
Recent Operating Systems 90
Databases 90
Installation of Workstations 90
Time Management 30
Communication in French 75
Networks: Access Management 120
Networks: Resource Sharing 105
Telecommunications Facilities 90
Career Management 45
Troubleshooting 90
Computer Optimization 60
Technical Support at a Telephone Help Desk 75
Practicum: Technical Support 120
Practicum: Customer Service 120
Program Schedules
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